Rob Fletcher’s Jumpin’ Jive

Book it!Rob Fletcher’s Jumpin’ Jive (trio or quartet) plays high-energy up-tempo swing-blues that gets everyone dancing and singing along. Inspired by the great jump blues masters like Louis Jordan, Louis Prima, and B.B. King, the band plays a combination of swing blues, Chicago blues, funk and classic R & B with an emphasis on high-octane joyful fun. Rob’s warm vocals and swinging harmonica playing drive a memorable, get-out-of-your-seat-and-dance night you won’t forget.

Rob is the author of several blues music instructional books including Blues Grooves for Guitarists and Blues Harmonica for Beginners (Alfred Publications). He transcribed two harmonica albums in their entirety – Kim Wilson: My Blues and Charlie McCoy Gospel Harmonica (published by Kevin’s Harps). He was a master teacher at the National Guitar Workshop for over a decade, teaching guitar, harmonica, voice and songwriting. He co-taught with two-Grammy Award nominated and W.C Handy award winning blues guitarist Ronnie Earl in large (50+) student settings, as well as co-teaching with Juno award-winning blues guitarist Sue Foley.



“The Rob Fletcher Blues Band is a musical miracle worker! Their soulful grooves and infectious rhythms lifted a whole roomful of parents and young adults onto the dance floor- and kept us there, dancing the night away to one great R&B number after another.

It’s one thing for a lead singer to grab a crowd with a Motown medley. It’s quite another to have one who can croon like Smokey Robinson and wail on the harmonica like Stevie Wonder. Rob Fletcher does all three, and mixes in some vintage pop songs and Jazz classics to boot.

But if Rob’s vocals set the table, his band-mates fill it with a smorgasbord of musical delights: smoky licks, tight accompaniment, inventive arrangements, and red hot solos. The collaborative result was a sound so emotionally uplifting and physically energizing we were joyfully singing and swinging along. The Rob Fletcher Blues Band is so much fun to boogie to, they’ll have you dancing for joy!”

-Rob Peck, ZestWorks

“Rob Fletcher played at our wedding and made the night a wonderful success. Rob’s ability to transition so easily from upbeat and fun to slow and soulful created exactly the type of atmosphere we were looking for. From the moment the reception began people were feeling good, and Rob had the crowd dancing until the very end – including the grandparents and the kids. Best of all, Rob handled the details so smoothly and professionally that we could simply focus on being with our friends and family. I highly recommend Rob and his music for any wedding or party.”

-Jerry Riverstone

“Rob Fletcher is an accomplished musician who has shared his impressive talents with our family and adult groups during evening activities.  His music and style are versatile and entertaining.  Rob’s engaging personality can get an entire room full of people to join in singing – even if they don’t usually do so.

The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp serves critically/chronically ill children and their families.  During the summer, we welcome over 1000 children who are coping with cancer,  sickle cell, hemophilia, HIV,  and other blood disorders.  In the off-season, we provide respite weekends for our camper families,  parents, and health care professionals.  In addition, we provide a weekend for young adult cancer survivors, as well as an alumni camper reunion weekend and bereavement weekends.

It has been a great pleasure to work with Rob.  His warm, caring, easy-going personality is a tremendous asset in our programs which bring together such diverse groups of people.  His skills and talents enhance every retreat with which he has assisted.  We call him our “Renaissance Man”! Rob Fletcher has been an integral part of our off-season programs since the spring of 1999.  He is a talented, caring, enthusiastic, fun-loving person who has enriched our programs in a number of ways.”

-Karen Allen, Director of Community and Family Research, The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp


From the Gig Guestbook:

“My favorite music man!”

“It’s great – better than any of the ones we’ve ever had here!”

“Very good – I like the way you mix it up!”

“ Totally awesome – very, good, charming and refreshing”

“I love the falsetto and I love how friendly you are with the people. You have an uncanny ability to connect with people.”

“Your sound is so happy. I was singing your songs all week.”