The Harmaniacs

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The Harmaniacs are a unique and dynamic harmonica trio located in Western Massachusetts. Their wonderfully quirky arrangements are fun for the whole family! Performing an array of music from jazz to pop, the Harmaniacs leave their audiences both dazzled and ready for more!

Coming from a wide variety of musical backgrounds, the Harmaniacs play everything from swing to the Beatles to waltzes from Finland, switching lead, bass and chord roles.

About the Harmaniacs

Doug Tanner plays chromatic harmonica and fiddle with the swing band the Gypsy Wranglers.Doug’s ongoing musical journey has taken him through bluegrass, folk music, swing and traditional jazz. Visit Doug’s website at

Rob Fletcher also plays guitar, sings and has performed at Woodstock 94. He is the author of Blues Harmonica for Beginners and Blues Grooves for Guitar. Vist Rob’s website

Steven Retchin began his adventure with the harmonica in 1964 when his band had him play the solo on the Beatles “Please Please Me”. In the late 60’s and through the 70’s and 80’s, he played in Blues and Boogie bar bands, in folk coffee houses, and learned jazz at jam sessions. He has played with Blues legend Otis Spann, and in the streets of Boston, New York and elsewhere.

The Harmaniacs endorse Suzuki harmonicas.

Praise for the Harmaniacs

“Starting a high-end community variety show with the Harmaniacs was sheer bliss. There are lots of harmonica players, but few who accomplish anything close to the Harmaniacs. Excellent technique, gorgeous old time instruments and a sense of showmanship that brings you back to an era when live performance really mattered.” – Bob Cilman, Director Northampton Arts Council and Young@Heart Chorus