Here are some great quotes from interviews with jazz saxophonist Chico Freeman:

“I’ve always liked different kinds of music. I just really try to express myself, whatever I honestly feel.” – Chico Freeman

“I…felt that I really wanted to stay true to myself, in terms of my art. That is often the harder road to travel. I remember my father saying that it is easier to sound like someone else, to go on a road already well traveled. If you choose not to do that, you must find a lot of joy in your work, and measure your success in the quality of your work. I feel good about the work I’ve done. I feel I’ve done it with a with a pure and honest heart.” – – Chico Freeman

“It’s funny, my father [saxophonist Von Freeman] wasn’t a big influence on me musically until later in my life. I used to hear him practice all the time, and then I didn’t care for it because it was practicing. It wasn’t connected to any music at the time, but I heard it all day, so I think it got into my self-conscious.” – – Chico Freeman

“We had a lot of kids on our block, and I remember, especially during summertime when it was hot, a lot of kids would come sit on the porch and listen a lot. All of my friends were all excited because there were all these instruments in my house.” – Chico Freeman

“Once I got with Elvin [Jones], that was all she wrote, because I started touring all over the world. To make a long story short, once I got to New York, I started working and never looked back.” – Chico Freeman