Happy flowering spring! In this missive – opportunities to enjoy bossa nova music, see a new film for free, learn how to play harmonica for free, and help out a local musician who could really use it. This Sunday, May 28 I’m performing bossa novas with flutist Nancy Janoson and Joe Whalen at the Hawks […]

*|MC:SUBJECT|* Welcome! Happy spring! The daffodils are singing, and the citrine leaves are unfurling! In this missive I give to you two great shows to check out, and an interview with Ed Brainerd about Chet Baker. Lastly, mark your calendars for two great spring shows. Both are at the Arts Block in Greenfield MA, part […]

  Welcome! Happy spring! The ice and snow are melting, the rivers are roaring with life and the birds are returning. It’s time to come out of winter hibernation and savor the inimitable delight of live music! In this missive I give to you two great shows to check out, a few shows to plan […]

*|MC:SUBJECT|* Welcome! I’m back from performing and judging at the Asia Pacifica Harmonica Festival in Taiwan. What a trip! Thank you to everyone who reached out and shared their excitement and well wishes about me taking this special journey. I have lots of stories, photos and videos that I will share with you soon. This […]

*|MC:SUBJECT|* Welcome! “All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother.” – Abraham Lincoln Happy Mother’s Day! I have the perfect way for you to celebrate: a special show dedicated to Moms at the best place to eat and get a drink in the valley – Galaxy Restaurant in Easthampton. […]

*|MC:SUBJECT|* Welcome! Happy spring! It’s a quirky world to look out the window and see so much snow on the ground while I type those words, but as Prince once sang, sometimes it snows in April. This Sunday, April 10 I’ll be at Galaxy Restaurant in Easthampton with guitarist John Cabán. John is a superlative […]

    Welcome! “On with the dance! Let joy be unconfined.” – Lord Byron Attention all you ballroom dancers, this Saturday, February 27 the Ballroom Blitz ballroom dance band will return to our favorite dance studio – Let’s Dance in Concord, NH. This Parisian themed dance will be a very fun, very romantic set of […]

*|MC:SUBJECT|* Welcome! In the heart of winter, in this month of the heart, let’s help the heart with music! This Valentine weekend has some very special shows for you. Sunday night (Valentine’s Day) I’m playing very romantic music with the soulful and sensitive Ed Brainerd at the amazing Galaxy Restaurant in Easthampton. We’re calling the […]