*|MC:SUBJECT|* Welcome! I’m back from performing and judging at the Asia Pacifica Harmonica Festival in Taiwan. What a trip! Thank you to everyone who reached out and shared their excitement and well wishes about me taking this special journey. I have lots of stories, photos and videos that I will share with you soon. This […]

*|MC:SUBJECT|* Welcome! “All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother.” – Abraham Lincoln Happy Mother’s Day! I have the perfect way for you to celebrate: a special show dedicated to Moms at the best place to eat and get a drink in the valley – Galaxy Restaurant in Easthampton. […]

*|MC:SUBJECT|* Welcome! Happy spring! It’s a quirky world to look out the window and see so much snow on the ground while I type those words, but as Prince once sang, sometimes it snows in April. This Sunday, April 10 I’ll be at Galaxy Restaurant in Easthampton with guitarist John Cabán. John is a superlative […]

It’s been a joy to nurture young people through music and to present something different to them. To see their faces light up in various instances when they recognize something or when they get something from what we are doing. It ’ s a shame that the average young person will not get a chance to experience […]

He’s a nobleman. Yeah, just a beautiful spirit, and thoughtful in so many ways: honorable and humble. This Bobby Broom quote is part of a series of inspiring Bobby Broom quotes I’ve culled from different Bobby Broom interviews. He is extraordinarily articulate on jazz education, jazz history, and jazz guitar. Bobby Broom is a superb […]

Well, I figured out that this jazz thing was it and that this was what I wanted to do. You know the power of thought is incredible. I didn’t know that, but I definitely thought a lot about what it was that I wanted to do and so I was really sending the energy of […]

I don’t know. Nothing that I can really put my finger on. That guitar hanging up on the back wall is a tenor guitar that my Godfather gave to me. I don ’ t know if that is what planted the seed. I didn’t do anything with it. I was eight and I just banged around on […]

When I hear a musician’s style, or their language, melody is paramount, whether it’s George Benson or any of the great jazz musicians. And you know when I talk to students I try to get them to think about where our impetus to melody comes from. Where do we get our information from? From our […]